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Master Stylist & Color Specialist



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Artistic Designer & Color Specialist




Artististic Designer & Color Specialist



Artistic Designer & Color Specialist

Trichology Salon

WELCOME to Trichology Salon!

We are Carmel’s Premier Organic Salon. Each of our stylists is highly trained to give you the look you desire. We believe beautiful hair is healthy hair. We take pride in our organic services, products and we especially take pride in providing our clients with the best service possible.


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ESSENSITY Organic Color

Ask Your Stylist about our organic color option with




New ESSENSITY takes its ammonia-free colour to a new level – outstanding colour performance while being commited to a sustainable, free-from philosophy.

ESSENSITY permanent ammonia-free oil colour provides natural reflecting and intense colours, up to 100% white hair coverage and up to 4 levels of lift. The colour stabilizes the hair structure during the colouring process for a healthy – looking colour result and helps protect the hair against external influences for long-lasting colour and natural shine.


Our first permanent ammonia-free colour with Phytolipid Technology

New ESSENSITY Color is our first permanent ammonia-free oil-colour with Phytolipid Technology which delivers real colour results, natural intensity and pure softness while using natural ingredients where possible.

100% Reliable Results

Up to 100% white coverage

True-to-tuft results

True-to-Nature Results

Up to 30% more colour intensity

Up to 50% longer colour retention

Enhanced Care & Scalp Comfort

Up to 30% more care

Significantly higher scalp comfort

Strong Performance

Up to 4 Levels of Lift


What hairdressers say about new ESSENSITY after 1,500 applications in 174 salons**:

  • 93% were overall satisfied
  • 83% experienced a new performance level
  • 92% say new ESSENSITY is gentle to the hair
  • 90% claim scalp comfort
  • 87% would recommend it to colleagues

Ambre Blends

Ambre Blends

Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. Ambre Blends products are available in four delicate, all-natural essences and are worn by both women and men. All of our products are made by hand with 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients from all over the world.

Ambre Blends puts a lot of thought and energy into our product packaging in an effort to be green and conscious about our environment..  We design all of our packaging to be minimal, simplistic and made from clean materials so that our products can ‘speak for themselves’.  All of our packaging is recyclable and some packaging is made from already recycled materials.  Some of our packing is even biodegradable!  Many of our products packaging is even designed to be reusable.  For example, our 10ml oil essence roll-ons can be refilled from our 30ml oils which is both ecologically and economically minded.  Ambre Blends also strives to “support the home team” by purchasing our packaging from USA vendors and always looking to source new packaging from local, regional and US based companies.  Overall, Ambre Blends looks to be consciously minded when selecting packaging to reflect our company’s focus on organic, all-natural and environmentally-kind products.

Amber oil has been used for centuries for its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. The blending of amber oil, the primary ingredient in all Ambre Blends products, with other organic essential oils creates Ambre Essence. Once activated by the body’s warmth, our essences produce a unique, long lasting, individual fragrance that exquisitely compliments one’s own natural chemistry. Ambre Blends selects only the finest, organic ingredients to soothe your mind and protect your well-being. The mix of these ingredients produces a clean, sensual and addictive essence which develops a unique scent on each wearer.

Do not underestimate the seductive and aphrodisiac qualities of Ambre Blends products! You will understand when you experience their power….and when other’s experience their power on you. Ambre Blends is the art of natural fragrance!

Ambre Blends essences will smell slightly different on everyone due to the unique body chemistry we all possess. To experience the true aroma of our essences, please apply oil generously to your forearms and rub them together to begin activating the scent. Use this same technique on your ‘hot spots’, which include the neck and décolletage. Throughout the day, as your body heat causes the scent to radiate and blend with your body chemistry, the Ambre Blends scent will become increasingly better and more unique. Re-applying throughout the day is not needed. Our oil essences are like fine wine, they get better with age!

Because Ambre Blends products are made with pure, organic ingredients, additionally wearing synthetic body products, which contain chemicals, preservatives and fillers, will compromise the integrity and benefits of Ambre Blends products. For this reason, over the past ten years, Ambre Blends has expanded its product line to include body creams, pure olive oil soaps, spritzers, skin tonics & more to cover all our your body care needs.

All Ambre Blends products come in one of our four uniquely designed essences and are designed to be worn together. Lovers of Ambre Blends products have always enjoyed alternating or layering our products with one another, so try our multiple scents and mix them up!

Enjoy your uniqueness!!!

Bridal/Formal Hair

Bridal Services

$60 Bridal Hair Styling Trial

$80+ Bridal Wedding Day Hair Styling

$75 Bridal Party Wedding Day Hair Styling

$45 Bridal Party Wedding Day Shampoo/Blow-out Style

$40+ Flower-girl Hair

Contact the salon for more details and to receive your information packet.


Special Event Services 

-Teens (proms, special events & birthdays)

$50+ Hair Styling


$70+ Hair Styling: All up or Partial

$30+ Shampoo/Blow-out Style

*Price varies depending on stylist, amount of hair, style chosen, etc.



Why ZERO? Here’s why…..

1,4-Dioxane: Carcinogenic contaminant in many products, nearly 50% of cosmetics containing ethoxylated surfactants were found to contain 1,4 dioxane.   Listed by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (Skin Deep Database) as a Level 10 Hazard, their highest rating. Banned in Canada & European Union (EU.)

Carcinogen (carcinogenic): Cancer-causing agent.

DEA (diethanolamine) & MEA (monoethanolamine): Foaming agent causes allergic reactions, eye irritation, dryness of hair & skin. Toxic when absorbed over a period of time.

Dimethylamine:  Immune system, neuro, cardiovascular, blood, respiratory & liver toxicant.

Found in hair products & body gels. Prohibited for use in cosmetics in the EU.

FD&C Color: From coal tar & other chemicals – cause skin sensitivity & irritation. Animal studies show them to be carcinogenic & are suspected of triggering behavioral problems (ADD – ADHD) in children since the 1970s.

Formaldehyde: Biocide, denaturant & preservative.  Known carcinogen causing allergic, irritant and contact dermatitis, headaches and chronic fatigue.  Vapor is extremely irritating to the eyes, nose and throat (mucous membranes).   Also listed by Skin Deep as a Level 10 Hazard.

Glutens: By-product of wheat processing – unsafe for celiac sufferers – even hydrolyzed wheat protein contains large amounts of gluten and is a contact


Glycols (Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol): Solvent which penetrates skin & can weaken protein and cellular structure. Studies show they cause skin irritation, particularly on mucous membranes; are immune toxins; and produce positive mutation in mammals (carcinogen). Used as anti-freeze in

cars and on planes.

Lead Acetate: Color additive, known human reproductive/development toxin, probable human carcinogen.  Prohibited in the EU.

Parabens (Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl Paraben): Preservatives widely used in cosmetics, even though studies show parabens to be carcinogenic & associated with breast cancer. Studies show that they are weakly estrogenic and absorbed by the body through the skin.  Found to cause allergic reactions & topical dermatitis.

Phthalates: Synthetic chemical used to volatize fragrance. Reproductive & endocrine system disruptor, skin sensitizer, immune & kidney toxicant. US EPA states phthalates produce dramatic changes in male reproductive characteristics, including hypospadias & other indications of demasculinization when

exposed in utero. Prohibited for use in cosmetics in the EU since September 2004.

Polyquaternium 16: Known to be very toxic to aquatic organisms & cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment – there are many other known environmental pollutants – too numerous to name.

Quaternium 6, 7, 15, 31, & 60: Toxic formaldehyde releasers that cause skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Sulfate Surfactants (SLS, SLES, ALS, ALES): Often contaminated with carcinogenic nitrosamines, can pose serious health threats. Used as floor cleaners and engine degreasers – and in most personal-care products that foam. SLS is such a caustic cleanser it actually corrodes the hair follicle and

impairs the ability to grow hair. Exposure can lead to eye damage, depression, labored breathing and severe skin irritation (used to damage skin for medical insult testing).

Synthetic Fragrance (Fragrance, Parfum): The word “Fragrance” indicates the presence of any of over 5,000 known chemical substances – including phthalates. Only 1,500 have been tested for safety. Of the 1,500 tested, over 850 are known to be toxic or carcinogenic. Public disclosure of chemicals used in Fragrance is protected by the Federal “Trade Secrets” act and is the best place to hide additional objectionable chemicals. Skin Deep lists Fragrance as a Level 8 Hazard.

TEA (Triethanolamine) Lauryl Sulfate & TEA (Triethanolamine) Laureth Sulfate: Anionic surfactants used as pH adjusters, emulsifiers and preservatives. Form carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds on the skin & in the body after absorption when mixed with nitrosamines and nitrosating agents.

Urea (Imidazolidinyl and Diazolidinyl) & DMDM Hydantoin: Preservatives that often release formaldehyde – may cause joint pain, skin reactions, allergies, depression, headaches, chest pains, ear infections, chronic fatigue, dizziness, and loss of sleep.

ChromaSilk Hair Color by PRAVANA

  • PRODUCT DETAILChromaSilk Hair Color is the finest, most versatile hair color in the professional industry. ChromaSilk’s superior dye load ensures complete grey coverage and rich vibrant colors. ChromaSilk is enriched with pure silk and keratin amino acids to provide unmatched shine, silkiness and long-lasting color. This low-level ammonia formula preserves the integrity of the hair and allows colors to perform both as permanent and demi-permanent simply by using different ChromaSilk developers.
  • FEATURESExclusive To NEVO Hair Care Products:
    • No Sulfates No Phthalates
    • No Animal Testing
    • No Sulfites No Gluten
    • No Cocamide DEA
    • No Parabens No Propylene Glycol No Cocamide MEA
    • No Sodium Chloride
    • No Animal Bi-Products
    • 100% Biodegradable Packaging
    • Silk Amino Acids:Act as a color carrier to help drive color deep into hair’s cortex.
    • Keratin Amino Acids:Strengthen hair’s fiber and help color adhere to the hair shaft.
    • Low Ammonia:Allows color to function as either no-lift demi-permanent or permanent hair color.
    • High-Level Dye Load:Provides superior coverage of gray and allows for vibrant, rich, long-lasting color.

Salon Specials & Savings

Savings & Specials

Kelli Valentine

HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL, Book between 2pm-6pm (Tuesday-Thursday) $50

for Root touch up or Partial Foils!!! (New clients ONLY!)

Michael Robakowski

ALL NEW CLIENTS receive 20% OFF your first visit.             

Chang Sanders

Call Salon for current specials 317.705.9700

Alexandrea Layton

Call Salon for current specials 317.705.9700

Jessica Brown

Call Salon for current specials 317.705.9700


Buy 4 Travel Size Products, get a FREE Neuma travel bag!

Buy Shampoo & Conditioner and receive a FREE travel styling product!

SAVE your empty bottles and we will REFILL them for $15! (shampoo & conditioner only)


Chang Client Reviews

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“I love Chang Sanders! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Priyanka P.12/19/13“I love Chang Sanders! She cut my hair a few months ago and did a fantastic job. I have long, thick, curly hair and several hair stylists have been perplexed about how to manage it/style it. This wasn’t a problem at all for Chang. I love the way my haircut turned out and got lots of compliments. I just booked another appointment with Chang a few minutes ago! ”

Christin P.10/21/13“Chang did a great job on my hair. She listened and did exactly what I asked for. The color and cut was spot on! ”

Natalie B.9/03/13“I love Chang Sanders! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Kris H.8/25/13“Chang cut my hair for the first time last week and it looks great! I really liked that she asked a lot of questions about what I liked and didn’t like about my current style. Chang also explained what she was doing throughout the cut and she took the time to make sure the cut was precise and even. I will definitely be going back!”

Tealeigh H.8/25/13“I have never had my hair done by anyone else than me or my mom. Every dye job was from a box, and hair cut from my moms shears. My mom went to beauty school, so they were good cuts. I dyed my own hair this red color, but used two different brands. The difference in the colors were horribly noticeable, and one faded faster than the other. I needed professional help bad. I called in, and got scheduled same day. I told Chang that I don’t care what she does with it, just make it pretty and a natural color because I have a job. After looking at it, she starts coloring. The color is gorgeous, it matches my skin tone, brings out my eyes, and still has some of the red hints that I wanted. She started cutting it, adding texture, bringing in more layers, thinning out my horrendously thick hair. She blow dries it, and styles it, and I’m just blown away. The first person to ever touch my hair outside of my family, and I will definitely be paying her another visit. I’m already scheduled for my next appointment! Chang is seriously the best. If you get anyone, get Chang.”

Erica P.8/17/13“I love Chang Sanders! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Erin H.8/12/13“Chang gives great haircuts! I’ve never walked away unhappy!”

Michael Robakowski Client Reviews

Book Online Now, Click link Below

“I was having complete beauty anxiety before my consultation with Michael R. He discussed my hair and skin health, and how the cut might fit into my currently hectic life. When I walked out that night, I felt so mich better. It’s been three days since my cut, and I have gotten compliments ever since!”

Renae M.12/20/13“I love Michael Robakowski! Definitely book your next appointment here! I am always confident I will get a beautiful cut and color. I fully trust him with my hair!”

Xavier L.11/10/13” Michael Robakowski does a great job with my 13 year old son. Michael listens to what he would like. Michael is very friendly.”

Stacey C.11/03/13“Michael is wonderful!!! He knew exactly what I wanted in a cut and color. He has a GREAT personality and made me feel very comfortable. I took a chance by being a walk-in a few months ago for a trim and I have been back to him ever since. Michael ROCKS!!”

Ed W.9/19/13“My wife saw Michael cutting another mans hair when at her appointment. She liked the way he was cutting and suggested I try him. I got first hair cut and liked the way Michael took time to understand my hair style. Have booked every four weeks for rest of year with him.”

Sue R.9/05/13“It has been a blessing to find Michael Robakowski … No matter how I choose to wear or style my hair, it performs and looks great. I have been extremely pleased, and I am a particular person. Would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Gary E.7/08/13“Michael Robakowski has cut my hair for over 3 years. He consistently does a fine job and is very pleasant to talk with during the appointment. I highly recommend him!”

Leticia B.7/06/13“I’ve NEVER been unhappy with my haircut, color, or style. I always feel in synce with the short cut trends. Michael never disappoints! I highly recommend you book with him today.”

Andrea P.6/07/13“The best haircut I have had in years!!! My color is gorgeous I will definitely endorse him!!”

Rob H.6/03/13“Michael is awesome! He has cut my hair for over 2 years now. He takes the time to understand what you want to do with your hair and does a great job getting you there! Highly recommended! -Rob H”

Travis H.6/02/13“I’ve been going to Michael for several years now…I followed him when he moved locations as once you’ve found a great stylist like Michael, you stay with them!”

Nicolle W.6/01/13“I love Michael Robakowski! Definitely book your next appointment here! He gives the best haircuts and highlights! Looking forward to also trying a chemical straightening service. ”

Robert E.5/31/13“Michael has been cutting my and my partner’s hair for several years now. He’s great at listening to what you want, answering questions, and making sure you’re happy when you leave. I’d definitely recommend giving Michael a call to book your next appointment!”

Marina F.5/31/13“I cut my hair with Michael Robakowski for one year now and very satisfied! I have a “difficult “hair which does look like straight hair when semi-long but when cut shorter suddenly gets wavy. Plus I have that spot on the back of my head where the hair meets the neck: difficult to manage a good clean line of haircut there, but Michael managed to do it through trials. I am doing a lot of sport every day and I wanted too have a haircut which would look good after, just wash and brush and go without styling. This mission was accomplished- and that is not an easy task! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Megan K.5/31/13“I love Michael Robakowski! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Paul H.5/28/13“I have been going to Michael for nearly 2 years and found him when I first moved to Indianapolis. Michael always takes a careful approach to ensure I am completely satisfied with the haircut and overall experience. I look forward to many more years and suggest others try him out as well!”

Ashley H.5/28/13“I love Michael Robakowski! Definitely book your next appointment here! Michael was very warm and inviting from the minute we met. He took time to listen to the exact color I wanted and gave of a sense of confidence that in turn made me confident. I was looking for new stylist in the Carmel area, and I couldn’t have made a better blind choice! I’ve already booked my next appointment with him. Loved the results and enjoyed the time spent with Michael. ”

June B.5/14/13“I love Michael Robakowski! Definitely book your next appointment here! Michael is professional, carefully assessed my current hairstyle and transformed a tired look into a modern and exciting new style. After just one appointment with Michael, I will book another appointment with pleasure. Thanks, Michaael”

Jenny B.5/13/13” Michael helped me venture out on a new look. He didn’t tell me how I should cut my hair but offered several ideas. I had over a dozen “Great hair cut!” comments that weekend at church. I”

Chris C.4/24/13“Not only has Michael been cutting and coloring my hair for over 15 years, but he has also worked wonders with my son and now my grandson. They don’t call him the ‘baby whisperer’ for nothing! I highly recommend Michael!”

Laura S.4/17/13“Michael just colored and cut my hair recently for the first time. He is incredibly easy to like right away, and he is very talented! My hair looked exactly how I imagined it would!! I’m not easy to please, but Michael met my expectations with ease! You will definitely love him, too!”

Chris D.4/09/13“Michael’s been cutting and coloring my hair for over 10 years. I’m excited to see his new salon later this month. Chirs D”